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U n i o n 

Beautiful Sister

Divine Feminine Optimal Wellness

Master your practice by deepening your knowledge of integrative wellness and detox programs.

Löv Wellness Union is an immersive private practice where you will learn and re-learn timeless ancient healing practices for womxn who want to alleviate stress, burnout and who want to create balance for themselves within these modern times.​

This intentional private one on one course is for individuals who want to learn in a private space - whether at home, online or in our sacred space - we want to guide you on your journey of creating feminine energy, optimal health and the union of mind, body and spirit. 


What This Program Will Offer

We address the whole woman, unlike industrial medicine - we believe in a total healing through physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. 


In this program you will learn:

  • How to integrate ancient healing modalities with teas & herbs

  • Combine modern day practices to alleviate burnout

  • Develop tools for optimal health and balance

  • The art of yoni steaming

  • How to become more energized through mindful meditation


Connecting to your body

The Union program can be done during a retreat, at home or online anywhere from (8) weeks to (7) days.  We will customize your program to fit your body's needs.  You will love meeting with your weekly guide to ensure accountability, support, love and compassion.  


Löv Wellness Principles

  • The body is beautifully and wonderfully made. Our bodies can heal through positive emotional living, we carry masculine + feminine energy and our bodies are extremely intelligent. 

  • We believe in healing the whole person, integrating healing programs specific for the women's needs.  Unlike industrial medicine we see the root of the ailment and healing the perceived issue - emotionally, physically and spiritually.

  • The role as a compassionate and caring guide throughout this program is to be there - to listen and to support you through this healing journey, every step of the way. 

  • We can heal through positive changes, compassion, humility, forgiveness, surrender, ceremony and love.


Enroll Now

If you are experiencing a desire to change your current practices, please inquire about the Divine Feminine Optimal Wellness Program to help bring you to your optimal health.

To reserve a 30 - minute consultation - please contact us.

Disclaimer:  To any individual whom desires complete and optimal health, our integrative well-being program may achieve that and or greater results.  However, we also advise physician care if necessary to bring you to complete and optimal wellness.

Union: Our Therapies
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